Ballarat Alergy Clinic

The Ballarat Allergy Clinic is now Closed.

After 45 years of Paediatric and Allergy practice, Dr Harry Zehnwirth retired from practice on 30 June 2022.

Dr Harry extends his appreciation to the Ballarat and surrounding communities for the opportunity to provide care to children and families over the years. May fun, healing and of course, magic be with you.

All prior patients and new referrals will need to be re-referred to another specialist. We recommend speaking to your local GP.

A/Prof Kymble Spriggs and Dr Joseph De Luca will continue to provide specialist allergy services co-locating to Paediatrics Ballarat, 1326-1328 Sturt St, Ballarat.

Gentle Dermatology - Dr Alana Tuxen will continue to practice from 1101 Howitt Street at this time.

Thank you