Ballarat Alergy Clinic

Ballarat Allergy Clinic

A dedicated Allergy Clinic has been established in Ballarat, providing services to the Grampians area and regional Victoria.

Professional Staff:

  • A/Prof Kymble Spriggs (Consultant Physician Specialist Allergist and Immunologist)
  • Dr Harry Zehnwirth (Consultant Paediatrician – special Interest in Paediatric Allergy)
  • Dr Naghmeh Radhakrishna (Consultant Physician - Adult Respiratory, Sleep & Allergy)
  • Dr Joseph DeLuca (Consultant Physician – Specialist Allergist and Immunologist)
  • Mandy Wilson RN, Specialist Allergy Nurse
  • Louise Franklin RN, Specialist Allergy Nurse
  • Rowena Craig RN, Specialist Allergy Nurse
  • Chantal Riseley RN, Specialist Allergy Nurse

The clinic provides assessment (including Skin tests) and management for:

  1. Food allergy in infants, children, adolescents and adults.
  2. Hayfever and other respiratory allergies.
  3. Atopic eczema in all age groups.
  4. Asthma – allergic aspects.
  5. Allergen Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) and
    Allergen Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) for
    allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis, to grass pollens and house dust mite, as well as tree and weed pollens, animal and mould allergies.
  6. Urticaria.
  7. Anaphylaxis.

Referrals can be made to:

  • Unfortunately, all our 3 Allergy Specialists, Dr Harry Zehnwirth, A/Prof Kymble Spriggs and Dr Joseph De Luca are currently fully booked to the end of 2022 and not booking new patients any further into 2023 at this stage. Please contact your GP to re-direct your referral to an alternate available allergy specialist. We will communicate with your General Practitioners alternative Consultant Allergists to whom they can refer.
  • Dr Naghmeh Radhakrishna is currently on maternity leave.

A/Prof Kymble Spriggs, Dr Harry Zehnwirth, Dr Naghmeh Radhakrishna, Dr Joseph De Luca or simply the Ballarat Allergy Clinic

Phone referrals5339 5200
Address referrals to1101 Howitt St, Wendouree, 3355
Fax referrals to5339 5233
Email (referral/enquiries)
Argus secure messaging (clinic to clinic)